'Community' x 'Return Of The Jedi' To Celebrate The Return Of The Group

It’s been weeks since we’ve featured any new work from our friend Jon Defreest, which seems like a travesty, so I’m happy to present this Community meets Return of the Jedi poster mashup he’s crafted to celebrate the glorious return of the group to Thursday nights, starting March 15th.

Here’s the actual Jedi poster he borrowed from, if you’re interested in making comparisons. I have to say the interpretation is fairly spot on, considering some creative tinkering is always required with this sort of thing. Annie is a slam dunk. Classic Britta costume. Kind of tough to peg Jeff as Skywalker, but no one in the group is really a Luke, except maybe Troy, and Abed has already called dibs on Han, so there you go. Fine usage of Dean Pelton and Chang as well.

Fingers crossed this inspires an Alison Brie-Slave Leia homage somewhere in seasons 4-6, or maybe the movie.