‘Community’s’ Beetlejuice Easter Egg Is Why The World Doesn’t Deserve A Show This Brilliant

We’ve spent a lot of time around these parts — even before the shelving news and consequent grief recovery session — outlining how and why Community is light years ahead of its counterparts when it comes to pop culture ambition and respecting the intelligence of its audience. It’s why the show is so beloved and simultaneously incapable of being ratings hit. Over two and a half seasons Dan Harmon and the writing staff have gone above and beyond to sprinkle in amazing and rewarding easter eggs (most notably Abed’s background storyline and Annie’s Boob’s pen theft) while also plotting Alison Brie GIF-able moments. They’re truly doing the lord’s work. It’s enough to make one wonder how many nuggets of goodness have been planted and are still waiting to be discovered.

Enter one observant Redditor (and presumed Beetlejuice enthusiast) who recently put together the running Beetlejuice gag that started with a mention in season one and recently hit pay dirt with the third uttering of “Beetlejuice” in this season’s Halloween episode.

Oh man, I hope this means my trouser sandworm jokes come back in vogue.