Conan Got Yoga'd On While Joel McHale Watched

I didn’t get to catch Conan last night but it was for the best as this morning I was greeted on Tumblr by the above GIFs that I think everyone should experience with limited context before actually watching the clip.

OK, now that you’ve taken it in, the lady yoga mounter is Nina Dobrev. She’s a young starlet on that CW show about vampires that I’d like to think none of you watches unless it is in some way getting you laid. She and Conan were talking physical fitness backstage and it somehow culminated with the demonstration. Full, highly entertaining clip after the jump.

That’s also our buddy Joel McHale on the couch cheering things on not long after he and Coco shared some drunken playdate stories with the audience. Just a solid all around show for Conan that I probably wouldn’t have bothered writing about if the GIFs weren’t so much fun. Thanks Conan GIFs!

And here’s a bonus new installment of “Why Would You Tweet That?” from last night. It’s not quite what the first one was, but good times Tan Mom jokes nonetheless.

Team Coco. GIFs via Conan GIFs.

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