Construction Robot Blows Up Fukushima…Again?

So, a robot blew up Fukushima again.

Fukushima, of course, is the nuclear power plant that went through a series of meltdowns due to the earthquake and tsunami that attacked Japan in March. Needless to say, it’s a radioactive hellhole, only to be populated and cleaned up by robots.

The robot in question was a teleprescence operated robotic construction device. How’d it blow up? It dinged an oxygen canister, punctured it, and suddenly it was all “Jaws” up in that mofo.

It’s not a big deal: nobody was injured and the robot was only lightly damaged. It was able to keep working. Any reports of the robots laughing as they plot to attack us with oxygen canisters are strictly true.

[ via the collaborators with the robot rebellion at IEEE Automaton ]