The Continuing Adventures of The Flow


VOICEOVER (spoken over sirens and gunshots): Night in Jacksonville. People think this town is like the rest of Florida, full of racists, alligators, and retirees on rascal scooters. They’re wrong. Jacksonville is different. By day, the River City shines like a diamond, so bright that the people in this town go blind to the injustice around them. As the thick blanket of night descends upon the city, the scum of the earth seeps out into the streets from the cracks in the pavement. 

These are the vultures that would prey on the weak and defenseless.

I am Jacksonville’s only defense. I am The Flow.


BLAINE GABBERT: Hey, good effort, you guys.  Way to tough it out.  We left our best out on the field there and nobody can take that away from us.

CECIL SHORTS: Hey.  Go fuck yourself.


Suddenly, GABBERT feels a vibration in his Trion:Z Dual Loop Ionic Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.  He exits the locker room discreetly, even though he doesn’t have to because nobody is paying attention to him anyway.  He flips open a panel on his bracelet, and the chiseled, red-haired visage of THE CHIEF comes into view.