These Cops Are Trying To Keep Hope Alive By Lip Syncing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ By Journey

Cops. They’re just like you and me.

They like to bro out and listen to cheesy pop songs and just act like normal, good, old fashioned civilians sometimes.

As proof of this, we bring you live to the Palisade Police Department, where a couple of officers out on patrol just won’t stop believing while out in the world on their Journey.

These dudes, who look like they’ve done a little work choreographing their head bobs and dance moves, might want to decide whether they’re singers or merely lip-syncers. Especially if they harbor any hopes of competing on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle with Chrissy Teigen cheering them on in the background. Or maybe it’s The Voice that they’d like to get into. Wonder whether they’re more down with Pharrell or Blake? Probably Christina. Just good that they’re not out making other, less savory videos with their dash cam.

And while we’re here, is that not the most original use of a dash cam you’ve ever seen? It’s probably a good thing that these officers know how to use it. Rock on gentleman. Best way to waste someone’s tax dollars we’ve seen yet.