Corey Feldman Made His Triumphant Return To The ‘Today’ Show To ‘Take A Stand’

Following his widely discussed Today show performance back in September, this morning Corey Feldman made good on his promise and returned to the morning show stage for a follow up to perform his song “Take a Stand.” Once again flanked by his band of Corey’s Angels, Feldman seemed a bit more focused this time, and by more focused I mean that he didn’t do any of that erratic dabbing (“erratic dabbing” would make a good band name) like his last performance.

Still, it had all of the trademarks of a good Corey Feldman affair, including a hooded, spaceman-looking outfit, bizarre dance moves that included but were not limited to acting out his lyrics, dramatic removing of his hood, an even more dramatic removing of his ponytail, the literal waving of an American flag, and, oh — speaking of lyrics — lyrics like these:

Staring out the window / caught inside a dream / ignorance is bliss-oh-ful / feeling quite sere-oh-ne / ’cause I choose to ignore / the suffering abroad / doesn’t mean it’s not happening / just means I turned it off

Did I mention he waved an American flag? Suffice to say, Feldman once again immediately began trending on Twitter, which was probably the point of the whole thing. And while he did have some fans this time around, most viewers reacted accordingly.

Agreed. As long as Corey is happy, we’re happy.