Luc Besson Would Like To Make A ‘Fifth Element’ Sequel, So Here’s Some Cosplay


There are certain sci-fi movies we can watch every time they’re on TV. Among these rewatchable sci-fi flicks is Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (1997). It has everything sci-fi goes great with: the humor, the refusal to take itself too seriously, the realistically incompetent authority figures (some things never change), the cool visuals and wardrobe, or the eclectic cast. Tommy “Tiny” Lister as the President? Yes please.

Luc Besson recently gave a long interview about numerous things, like never getting paid for American adaptations of his Nikita, but here’s the part of The Playlist‘s interview we zoned in on:

You’ve produced a lot of sequels to the movies you’ve overseen. Do you want to go back and do one for a film you’ve directed?

The Fifth Element. I was a little bit frustrated because I made the film right before all the new effects arrived. So when I did the film it was all blue screen, six hours, dots on the wall, takes forever to do one shot. Now, basically, you put the camera on your shoulder and then you run and then you add a couple of dinosaurs and spaceships. And I was so frustrated because it was not so easy at the time. So I always think to myself that I would avenge one day and use all the new tools to do a sci-fi film for sure.

Would it be connected directly to The Fifth Element?

I don’t know if it would be directly connected but it would be the same area and the same genre. So for me it would be connected even if the stories had nothing to do with each other.

We would love to see Luc Besson return to sci-fi, if for no other reason than to see the awesome wardrobe the cast would be wearing. To that end, we’ve collected twenty cool The Fifth Element cosplay pictures below.

Leeloo cosplayed by Ms. Mars, photographed by Cliff Nordman.

DJ Ruby Rhod and flight attendants photographed by flexgraph.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg photographed by Eric Neitzel.

Leeloo photographed by Kyle Nishioka.

Diva Plavalaguna photographed by azima_97.

Photographed by DuckPuppy.

Leeloo photographed by Revalis Cammarati.

Flight attendant (The Fifth Element) photographed by Heather F.

DJ Ruby Rhod photographed by Baldwin Saintilus. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Leeloos photographed by UCFFool.

Leeloo and DJ Ruby Rhod photographed by DuckPuppy.

DJ Ruby Rhod and flight attendant photographed by digital_rex.

Leeloo photographed by Matthew Mendoza.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg photographed by helix90.

Leeloo photographed by flexgraph.

Leeloo photographed by flexgraph.

DJ Ruby Rhod photographed by Howie Muzika.

Leeloo photographed by Theiggsta.