This Craigslist Ad For An ‘Upcycled Ladder Shelving Unit’ May Be The Most Brooklyn Thing Ever

Don’t hate. Appreciate. You’re just mad because you didn’t think of it. Just think, you could be the one asking for $400 for this little slice of ingenuity, but instead you’re going to go without that $400 and probably have to drink Natty Light instead of High Life this weekend. Sucks for you.

This rustic ladder shelving unit is made from a 12′ ladder with two upholstered burlap boards. The ladder comes apart and folds up and can easily be taken apart for transport. I also have another ladder shelving unit that was made from the same original ladder and is also available upon request.

The dimensions of the shelves are 68” long x 13.75” deep and the unit is 63.75” high x 17” deep and the legs at the base are 46.25” wide.

I offer free curbside drop off in the New York City for orders of $250 or more…

Pretty sure this is why people are fleeing Brooklyn for places like Austin and New Orleans.