Creator of Minecraft Earns Even More Nerd Cred by Saying He Wants to Help Make Psychonauts 2

I may not be hugely into Minecraft, but the game’s creator Notch (aka Markus Persson) seems like a cool guy, and my opinion of the dude was only solidified last night when he sent Tim Schafer a tweet saying he’d like to help create a sequel to Psychonauts.

Earlier in the week Schafer had done an interview where he admitted he’s pitched Psychonauts 2 to several publishers, but nobody had been willing to pony up the money to get the game made. Well, apparently there’s at least one person with money who’d like to see another Psychonauts…

A truly independently produced Pyschonauts sequel? Now that’s something I’d like to see. Tim Schafer says he’s fine where he is now making low-budget original titles. He says sequels aren’t his thing, not that he’s really speaking from experience — nobody’s actually given him the opportunity to make a sequel before. Come on Tim, take the opportunity.

via Digital Spy & Player Attack