The ‘Curse Of Chucky’ Trailer Is Here To Haunt Your Dreams

Pretty much every horror franchise is getting a reboot these days, and Chucky is no exception. The good news, however, is that this reboot is being handled by a guy who’s been there since the beginning.

Specifically, it’s written and directed by Don Mancini, who’s written or co-written every Chucky movie and directed Seed of Chucky. While the last two Chucky movies went in a goofier direction, this one is apparently returning to the whole “children’s toys are actually pretty frickin’ creepy” concept that actually made the first Child’s Play a pretty solid horror movie.

So, Chucky’s going all Kiss of Death on an invalid? Ouch. Also, it’s always nice to see Brad Dourif getting work: The movie also stars his daughter as the lead, who’s arguing with her sister over her mother’s estate. Chucky, meanwhile, shows up in the mail, and turns out to have a personal stake in the proceedings.

It’s interesting not least because the effects seem to be a mix of CGI and practical work. Part of the reason the first movie was so effective was that the movie was able to actually convincingly bring a doll to life, and Tom Holland used implication more than directly showing Chucky getting stabby, and they seem to be sticking with that idea.

Although, seriously, who sticks a finger in the mouth of a doll they’re convinced is evil? Anyway, Curse of Chucky will be out on video October 8th.