3D-Printed Records Play Led Zeppelin And ‘Star Wars’ Theme On A Fisher Price Record Player

Just yesterday we heard Led Zeppelin may be recording Led Zeppelin V, so let’s celebrate this news in a geeky way with this custom mod by Fred Murphy. He made a tool in Visual C# 2010 which could program a CNC machine to print the plastic records for the ’70s style Fisher Price record player toys. The videos below show off his custom records for the theme from Star Wars and “Taurus” by Spirit “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

The plastic records have bumps which pluck the tines of the toy record player’s cartridge. His program allows him to choose custom tunes for the records. The CNC machine instructions proved so popular that he updated the instructions for 3D-printed records.

3D printers are cheaper than CNC machines, and you can even outsource the printing for a relatively cheap price. […] Head to Instructables to figure out how you can have print your own Fisher Price record. You can also buy Fred27′s records on Shapeways. [Technabob]

The only catch is that your printer needs to be well-aligned and be of a high enough resolution to print a record with ridges only 0.7mm wide. Well, there’s one more catch. Where are you going to store all the knickers getting tossed your way once you play “Stairway” on a Fisher Price record player?

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