Custom Controller Hack Aims To Cool Your Greasy Gaming Hands

04.12.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

Clam hands. Stink palms. Finger grease. Whatever you want to call it, the residue that gathers on ones hands (and controller) post-gaming session is becoming a deadly epidemic in this country. Not a day goes by, not a day, that I don’t pick up my gaming controller only to find that someone’s oily mitts had previously been secreting all over it. If only someone could think up a crude way to drill a bunch of holes into my Xbox controller and then Gorilla Glue a PC’s cooling fan onto the back of it? Does this sound mildly dangerous, haphazard and half-baked to anyone else? Well, you are exactly right.

Loyal HackaDay reader, [Happy Dragon], recently sent in pics of his custom attempt to utterly ruin a gaming controller cooling controller. After drilling filter holes and gutting the battery back off of an Xbox controller, [Happy Dragon] then hooked up a separate USB link to power the added controller mojo.

Can’t blame a dude for trying, even if the aftermath of such a build is that you now have to game holding a chunk of half melted plastic in your now-clean hands. Pornographically close up images from the hack, after the jump.


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