Two Men Claim CVS Employees Called The Police When They Asked For Cheese

Last year, CVS Pharmacy found itself in the center of a racial discrimination lawsuit. Four CVS employees alleged they were directed to racially profile black shoppers and to “follow the black guy” without any evidence the shopper was going to steal from the store. Now, CVS is back on the news after two men claimed employees for the pharmacy chain took excessive measures when they went on a late-night cheese run.

Roommates Rick Berry and Philip Blackwell say they were just looking for some cheese slices when they entered a Richmond, Virginia CVS Pharmacy, but were instead told the store didn’t carry any cheese slices. What happened next was even more bizarre, because after being told there any cheese slices, the men claimed the employees simply vanished.

“We looked around for maybe 30 to 45 minutes and we couldn’t find anybody,” Berry told the local ABC News affiliate. “The employees disappeared and we just became a part of some weird event.”

Police were called over “suspicious activity,” and even when officers arrived to the pharmacy, the employees still remained in hiding. “[The officer] was laughing with us because this was like how weird movies start. Like, we’re in an apocalyptic movie,” added Berry.

Unable to find the employees, the officers left, and Berry and Blackwell were forced to leave. In a Snapchat video one of the men reportedly filmed of the weird event, Berry said they were being “kicked out” because CVS employees were “scared” and were “hiding.” The employees reportedly told the men they would be arrested for trespassing if they didn’t vacate the premises immediately.

CVS says they’re “apologetic” for what happened and will speak with employees to figure out what happened.

(Via ABC 8 Richmond)