‘Dadholes’ Has Returned With A New Episode And A Message: ‘Father’s Day Is A Joke’

In 2013Dadholes premiered on the internet and nothing was ever the same again. OK, that’s a bit of an overreach, but still, the web series — created by comedian Chris Wylde — delivers the comedy pretty consistently. Dadholes stars Wylde and actor Darrell Britt-Gibson (The Wire, Californication) and a new episode has arrived just in time for Father’s Day.

According to these two dudes — who seem to have never ever made eye contact — Father’s Day is a joke. These disgruntled dads have returned to bring to light the awful truths of what the “holiday” really means to them. Sh*tty ties and listless handjobs, anyone?

To check out previous episodes of Dadholes, and other mean fatherly things, go check out their official Tumblr. It’s quite amusing.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Happy Father’s Day!

(Via Chris Wylde and TubeFilter)