The Guy Behind That ‘Damn Daniel’ Meme Just Had A SWAT Team Called To His House

Welcome to internet fame, ‘Damn, Daniel’ and friends! One day you’re riding high, feeling the love from social media, and pulling all the fly honeys in second-period English with your swag, and the next a SWAT team’s surrounding your house demanding you come out unarmed and with your white Vans on.

TMZ reports that the creator of the ‘Damn, Daniel’ meme has learned the hard way that the internet giveth and that it taketh away. Last night, it tooketh away (yes, that’s a word, autocorrect) when the home of the meme’s creator was surrounded by cops after receiving a report that the teen shot his mom in the head with an AK-47. Of course, the call was a prank and police arrived to find no one hurt or even aware that anything had happened at the Riverside, California, residence. But since the incident occurred at approximately 1 a.m., it’s probably safe to say that everyone inside was a little shaken up.

Is this the work of mastermind hackers or just kids at school fed up with the fame and fortune of Daniel and Co.? Maybe some other Daniels that just hate the meme so much they want to end it immediately?  According to TMZ, police have no suspects and it’s unlikely any arrests will be made. Kind of hope that at least one cop at the scene — recognizing where he was — just slurred out a “daaaaaaaaamn” for good measure while the house was being searched, but considering that policing is serious business, they probably waited to do that until later.

(Via TMZ)