‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian Reveals How He Gets Laid, Despite Skipping Leg Day

The man behind the Instagram’s Biggest Playboy title, Dan Bilzerian, gave a NSFW interview to host Michael Kosta on E! The segment never specifies what Dan is promoting, and his presidential campaign never even gets a mention. Maybe he dropped out of the race after failing to identify with any party other than the Poker Playing Playboys.

The interview is rather illuminating. Bilzerian, clad in his standard black t-shirt and cargo pants, admits that his Instagram page started as a way to get ladies (“so I could get laid without actually having to have a conversation”). Now that he’s gathered more than 11 million followers, the babes flock to him. Bilzerian insists that he doesn’t pay the women to sleep with him (“I haven’t f*cked a hooker in a long time”). Now his page is “almost like porn hub,” and he simply filters through DMs for new recruits. The main problem with this clip is how mild mannered this guy appears. Look at Bilzerian, acting like he never threw a porn star off a roof or sued a website for an STD story.

Before we continue, someone should explain what’s going on over at Dan’s Instagram right now.

The conversation turned to Bilzerian’s odd prioritizing in order to skip leg day. He already railed against the ridicule and admitted, “Yeah, I got skinny legs, but I got big d*ck. Your GF don’t mind. #BirdLegs.” Bilzerian now tells E! how he skips leg day by necessity. He found that lifting would make his quads so massive that he’d chafe and bleed. Not to mention — and this is just a guess — the smaller the legs, the bigger the wang looks.

By the way, here’s Bilzerian’s overdue thoughts on Cecil the Lion.

And here’s more party pics from the dude who created his own personal Tinder on Instagram.

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