Things Got Awkward On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ With An Accidental Crotch Grab

Viewers of Monday night’s season 24 (!!!) premiere of Dancing with the Stars apparently couldn’t help noticing the overt sexual chemistry between 29-year-old professional bull-rider Bonner Bolton and 31-year-old dancer Sharna Burgess during their cowboy-themed cha cha. This was exacerbated when, immediately following their steamy performance, Bolton absentmindedly appeared to place his hand over the crotch area of his partner’s daisy duke shorts. Burgess quickly brushed his hand away, but unfortunately for them, the moment was caught on live television and quickly became A Thing as fans freaked the hell out on Twitter.

After the show, Bolton explained the viral moment to Entertainment Tonight:

“I was just stargazed by Nick and Peta’s performance and I was looking at the TV screen,” Bolton recounted. “I felt her bump into me yet I wasn’t really looking at what was bumping into me.”

“There was some hand placement that went south, so to speak,” he said, stressing that the entire moment was “totally unintentional.”

Accident or not, for her part Burgess recalls that the couple’s performance made her blush for the first time ever on the competition show, and Bolton certainly didn’t quell any rumors by recalling the first time he met his partner.

“The day I met her on the ranch… I looked up, they had me leading the horse, and I looked out under the brim of my hat, there she was,” he said. “Just a fiery redhead. [She] just took my breath away, man.”

Uhhhh huh. Derive your own conclusions as you will.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)