Watch A Man Completely Flip Out When He Spots A Panhandler He’s Been Giving Money To Driving A New Car

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10.07.14 19 Comments

An elderly woman who regularly panhandles on busy Oklahoma streets is driving around those same streets in a new Fiat, and one of her donors did not take it very well when he put two and two together.

Brandi Newman, who had given the woman money because she was holding up a sign that said “78-Year-Old Widow Needs Money For Food,” spotted the woman sitting in a 2013 Fiat shortly after making her donation. She was just about to snap a photo of the elderly scammer when another victim showed up. Here’s how Brandi sets up the volcanic scene in the video above:

Yesterday I pulled up to the Shell on the same corner and saw her sitting in this cute, little Fiat. As I’m sitting there thinking “I got scammed by a little old lady”, a man approached her car…..and this is what happened next.

The video shows Daniel Ayala confronting the woman shortly after he, too, donated to her cause. “You ask for money in the middle of the street and you’re driving a 2013 car,” he can be heard shouting in the video. “Listen, I work hard for my money. That’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bullsh*t.”

The 78-year-old’s family contacted Newman on Facebook shortly after the video was posted and told her their grandmother has a panhandling permit and “isn’t doing anything illegal.”

Ayala had a slightly different take: “If I see this car tomorrow, I’m going to f*cking bust a window.”

(Sources: KFDR + Brandi Newman)

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