Daredevil Is Getting a Reboot?

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03.17.11 2 Comments

It’s hard not to feel bad for Daredevil. His only two film adaptations have been a part in an Incredible Hulk TV movie (“The Trial of the Incredible Hulk”, for trivia nerds) and the 2003 movie that could have actually been good, provided the director had at least realized trying to stuff all of Frank Miller’s plot arcs into two and a half hours was a really bad idea.

And now we’ve got contractual obligations to ensure the next one sucks. Fox needs to start on a Daredevil movie or Marvel gets the rights back, and Fox wants to ensure there are still bad comic book movies. So, although he doesn’t have a contract yet, David Slade is the man for the job. You might remember Slade for his movie “Hard Candy”, which used whaling on pedophiles to get around being terribly written, and “30 Days of Night”. Hoo boy.

Still, it’s not like Slade’s incompetent or anything. Hopefully they just have a good producer and screenwriter in place. Because Fox uses those, right?


[ via the guardian devils at Coming Soon ]

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