‘Daredevil’s Showrunner Tells Us The One Character We Definitely Won’t See, And More

There are a handful of characters that, to many fans, define Daredevil. But according to the show’s head honcho, who starting answering questions about the show on Twitter, one of them won’t be in the series at all.

Who, you may ask? We’ll let Steven DeKnight, the showrunner, tell you:

That would appear to more or less confirm Bullseye, arguably the villain Daredevil is most associated with, won’t be in the series at all. And you know what? Good.

The problem with Bullseye is that he’s dull whenever he isn’t fighting somebody. His entire personality is pretty much killing people for money, or revenge, or because he’s bored. Even Frank Miller, who spent a chunk of the ’70s salvaging Daredevil, couldn’t do much with him; in the comics he’s little more than a stock type when he’s not fighting Daredevil.

Granted, he has had some good depictions over the years, but it’s not like the Netflix series is going to get into his dealings with the Contras or his baseball career. So this probably isn’t the great loss some fans might be thinking.

Also of interest: Daredevil’s religion will be important to the series…

And the show won’t be pushing the bounds of Netflix, but it will be a bit grittier than your standard MCU film:

There’s also this curiosity:

Marvel has stated that it takes place in the modern day… so we’ll be curious to see the reasons behind this particular choice.

As for the release date, DeKnight was vague; he does explain he needs to finish the last two scripts, and that it’s up to Marvel when we see more pictures or a trailer from the series. Nor is filming complete, so that tells us it might be a while before this hits the service. That said, we’ll be curious to see what a “PG-16-ish” Daredevil looks like, so 2015 can’t come soon enough.