"Darkest Hour" Aliens Look Like "Predator" Owls?

SlashFilm took the trailer for “The Darkest Hour”, the upcoming Christmas cheesefest, and pulled out some stills to see whether or not the aliens were purely energy beings. Apparently, instead they’re Predators that look a bit like owls…or something.

It looks kind of like they’re opening little wormholes, and then sucking people in to eat them, kind of like the crazy homeless guy behind the supermarket near where I live, only with less rambling and they can’t be bought off with a six pack.

Mostly we bring this up because it looks amusing, and we like the idea of Predator Owls. Maybe for a “Mouse Guard” sequel, they can retell “Predator” with a Predator Owl and an Arnold Schwartzemouse. OK, maybe not.

[ via the owlies at SlashFilm ]

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