Dave Chappelle Is Finally On Twitter, For What It's Worth


Dave Chappelle has fortunately started wading back into the public sphere. In the past year he’s returned to standup and agreed to his first interview in five years. Now “Chappelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan has vouched for a new Twitter account, @chappelledavidk, being the real Chappelle. This was a surprising source of the news because I could have sworn Brennan recently said on a podcast that he hasn’t spoken to Chappelle since he went to Africa in 2005. (I believe it was either Episode 98 of Talkin’ Sh-t with Jim Jefferies & Eddie Ift or Episode 7 of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.)

This would be the first Twitter account for Chappelle. He’s never had a Twitter account under his real name despite reports from a year ago that he was having a Twitter beef (Tweef?) with Katt Williams. Both accounts turned out to be fake. Oh, Twitter. Never change.

@chappelledavidk‘s first tweet was, “Chinese Riddle: If a man does not tweet does he exist?” Now, only nine tweets later, he’s up to over 100,000 followers. None of them have been particularly mind-blowing, but we’ll take any Dave Chappelle we can get, like this Twitpic he uploaded for example:

Wonder what he’s thinking about. I hope it’s a new stand-up special.

(H/T: Pedestrian)