‘Mars, Bitches’: Dave Chappelle Predicted That A Black President Would Take Us To Mars

I’m guessing that you, like me, woke up this morning to learn that the United States landed a rover on Mars while we were sleeping. Going through my Twitter feed from last night, it appears that a lot of people stayed up to watch the whole thing online, because, naturally, it appears as though none of the major cable networks carried the momentous achievement live. Go figure.

Anyway, someone in my Twitter feed (I can’t recall who, sadly) reacted to the news by tweeting, “Mars, bitches!” and it made me think: “Hmmm…where have I heard this before?” And then it hit me: Chappelle’s Show — specifically one of the “Black Bush” skits Dave did on the show involves a press conference discussion about going to Mars.

“Write this down: M…A…R…S. Mars, bitches. That’s where we are going! Mars! Red Rocks!”

Here’s the only embeddable video of the clip I could find. The quality is less than par, but whatever…

Your move, China!