David Hasselhoff Releases Bizarre Video Statement Saying He’s Changed His Name To ‘David Hoff’

On Thursday afternoon, David Hasselhoff tweeted out an 8-second video from his YouTube account in which the Sharknado 3 star announces that he has been wanting to drop the “hassle” from his life for years. As such, he’s made it official and changed his name to “David Hoff,” procuring a not-at-all-valid-looking, framed certificate of name change. The Hoff, as I suppose we can call him now, has even gone through the trouble of updating all of his social-media accounts to reflect the new change.

As to what it all means, a rep for Hoff revealed to Page Six: “It’s an excerpt from an ad campaign that launches in Australia this weekend. David is just having some fun and more will be revealed in the next 24 hours.” So… just completely changing his identity and brand for a product endorsement? Sounds reasonable enough. Just putting it out there, if big cracker ever comes calling, I’d be more than happy to drop the “en” from my name for the right price.

(Via CBS News, Page Six)