David Hasselhoff Sings The ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme With The Help Of Some Clever Editing

See, the thing about acting is that it often results in you saying words into a camera. Lots of words, if you’re lucky enough to make a career out of it. And if you’re someone like David Hasselhoff, who spent the better part of two decades starring in iconic, wildly popular shows like Knight Rider and Baywatch, and people on the Internet like to have a little fun with you every now and then, it means that some enterprising soul with editing software and oodles of free time can go back and take a bunch of those individual words and rearrange them into something entirely different. Like, say, the Fresh Prince theme song. Which is exactly what Vimeo user Matthijs_Vlot did. Because why the hell not, right?

Two points in closing: First, I cannot begin to imagine all the work that went into making this. I mean, scouring through hours and hours of Hasselhoff shows to pick out each individual word in the Fresh Prince theme song sounds like either the cause or result of serious psychological issues, but thank God there are people out there willing to puts in the time. Their sacrifice and meticulous attention to detail should be noted and appreciated.

Second, and I’m just spitballing here, Monica and Rachel from Friends doing “Shoop”? Can we do that next?