Derrick Comedy's DC Pierson Responded To A High School Kid On Yahoo Answers Who Didn't Want To Read His Book

Of the two guys who aren’t Donald Glover, he’s the one on the right.

Previously when I thought of Derrick Comedy I thought, “Donald Glover and those two other guys.” Going forward I will think, “Donald Glover, the guy who writes books and has an active Yahoo Answers account, and the other guy.”

Wikipedia describes DC Pierson as “an American comedian, author, rapper, and actor.” Not a bad skill set. Since the release of Mystery Team he has shown up in a few more films, dropped by Greendale on occasion, and — oh yeah — published a 2010 novel entitled “The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To” that is now suggested summer reading for anonymous high school students.

A couple of days ago one of said anonymous high school students (who just happens to be a Skrillex fan) pleaded with whatever weirdos still frequent Yahoo Answers for someone to essentially write a book report for him or her. What screename Idiot America (seriously) didn’t realize is that the author of the book is one of those weirdos. Here’s a screengrab from the exchange that over the last day has transformed from “pretty cool” to brilliant viral marketing.

So yeah, well done. I like the part where he’s never condescending and references sex, swearing, and booze. I’m only 5% suspicious it’s all a genius marketing ploy. But here’s DC rapping with Childish Gambino to quell all doubts.

DC Pierson via Pop Culture Brain