Deadpool Has a Video Game Coming

Well, this is a surprise.

Granted, Deadpool is popular enough to merit the occasional USA Today story, but he’s not yet a big gun and his introduction to film viewers was a bit of a disaster.

Nonetheless, it is a pretty big surprise, especially from Marvel. Here’s the trailer…

Yes, that’s Nolan North. Apparently he’s going to be Deadpool until he dies.

The big question is really what the actual gameplay is like. High Moon has previously put out Transformers games that were critically well-received third-person shooters. The trailer shows mostly cutscenes of Deadpool swinging a sword and one first-person shot of him operating a gatling.

Sure, either way, it’ll work, but it’d just be nice to know what kind of game we’re getting. Granted it’s just an announcement trailer, but there’s zero details beyond what we’re seeing in this trailer. Swordplay is obviously heavily emphasized, but that doesn’t tell us much.

In the end, it is nice to see that Deadpool is getting his shot at the big time. Comic companies have lately been using video games to see about fan interest in other mediums; DC is raising interest in the Justice League via Batman, and this is clearly a bid to see of the Merc with a Mouth can carry other media by himself.

In other words, if this sells well enough Marvel may follow through on a Deadpool movie. So, really, prep your preorders now.

image courtesy Marvel