Dear Crytek, Just Pull the Trigger on Timesplitters 4 Already

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Cevat Yerli, the supervillain who runs Crytek (come on, his name is Cervat Yerli; if he doesn’t own an underground lair full of minions, we’re the Great Lakes Avengers), seems to really enjoy torturing Timesplitters fans.

Timesplitters, for those who don’t remember, is actually an endearingly goofy FPS franchise that didn’t take itself too seriously. Monkeys are a pervasive and ongoing theme. But, despite being some of the most beloved shooters of the last console generation, so far, it’s a no-show on the current generation, due to the last in the franchise doing better among critics than consumers, and Free Radical being bought out.

Not that this is stopping Yerli from demanding fans tell him how much they love the franchise. It’s not currently in development, but Yerli has all but said flat-out that he’d be willing to release the game as a free-to-play shooter.

So, do the fans a favor: go like this page. Yerli should at least put his money where his mouth is.

image courtesy CryTek

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