Hey Tweens: Taylor Swift Doesn't Want Your Dumb Fan Mail, Will Just Throw It In The Trash

Taylor Swift, known worldwide for writing songs about mean boys dumping her, is now the one doing the dumping.

A woman found hundreds of unopened envelopes of Swift’s fan mail in a recycling dumpster.

The woman, Kylee Francescan, contacted WKRN News 2 about her find and a reporter took the letters to Swift’s record label Big Machine Records. Members of Swift’s team told the reporter they didn’t know how the letters got into the Dumpster but that their personnel are very concerned. (Via)

A sample letter found in the garbage.

UPROXX also retrieved a letter sent to T-Swift. It reads, “Dear Miss I’m Too Good to Read My Fan’s Letters, this will be the last message we ever send your behind. It’s been six hours and still no word. We don’t deserve it? We’re in the car right, we’re doing 55 on the freeway, like a respectful, thoughtful citizen. Hey T-Swift, I drank a fifth of orange juice. You dare me to drive? You know that song by Phil Collins, ‘Sussudio’? It’s a bit edgy for my taste, but you might like it. Anyway, gurl, keep up the good work. XOXOXOXO Stanantha.”

Taylor Swift fans often forget what they’re saying mid-thought.