This Designer Is Granting People’s Wishes Of Photoshop Enhancements In The Most Literal Way

In our modern age, where everyone maintains a perfectly curated social-media presence, the perfect profile picture or Instagram photo sometimes requires a bit of assistance. And unfortunately not everyone is a gifted Photoshop master — look no further than Lindsay Lohan, whose tragic forays into photo editing have been well documented on the internet.

Thankfully, there’s help out there. Designer James Fridman is inviting people to send him their photos with requests of how they would like to see them improved. The only catch is that, much like with a monkey’s paw, they might get exactly what they’re asking for. In a very clearly stated terms and conditions, Fridman writes that the images he receives may be “edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed” as he sees fit and that the submitter waives the right to have a say as to how their likeness appears.

In other words, everybody is totally getting what they deserve. In some examples, people ask for their physical properties to be enhanced:

While in others, people ask that their environment itself be corrected:

If there’s anything we can takeaway from this, it’s be happy with what the Lord gave you. Or where the Lord put you. Or with that cat the Lord let in your room. Something along those lines.

(Via Daily Mail)

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