‘Destiny’ Tries To Get You To Buy DLC With ‘The Dark Below’ Launch Trailer

Destiny has supposedly done pretty well for a new IP. Activision won’t cough up numbers, but they have mentioned it has roughly nine million “registered users”. The question, of course, is how many of those users will shell out for the DLC, especially when said DLC looks like it should have shipped with the game.

I’ve taken Bungie and Activision out to the woodshed on this topic before, but it felt painfully slight as a game, especially a game with five years of development behind it. And, honestly, this trailer comes off as little more than “Hey, we broke off a piece of the game. Give us $20 or we won’t let you play it.”

That said, it does look cool. I like the Hive Lady, and any rocket launcher painted to look like a shark automatically gives me a tingly feeling. That said, though, twenty bucks for more story missions, one new strike, and five more slots for bounties just so you can grind both of those missions seems a bit… inflated. Still, if you’re a fan of the game, and many are, this is probably worth the money. Or you’ve already bought the season pass anyway, so mostly you’re just hearing about what you bought sight-unseen. And who knows? Maybe more DLC will come before you’ve played every mission a dozen times to try and find Ascendant Shards.