Dexter Reacts To The Casey Anthony Verdict (Now With Videos)

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you already know Dexter is a Showtime series in which Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer who only kills other killers, and Casey Anthony is a real life person who “lost her baby and went looking for her in a wet t-shirt contest,” as Bill Maher put it.  (And if you were in a coma, how did you find the internet?)

A picture of Dexter reacting to the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict went viral last week, and now we have two videos as well.  The first is a mashup of a scene from Dexter with the verdict from the Anthony trial.  *kisses fingertips* Magnifique.   The second video is super awkward; somebody at TMZ managed to creepily stare at the side of Michael C. Hall’s head while exhibiting the interview skills of that Chris Farley character, if Farley’s enthusiasm had been obviously faked. (Paraphrasing: “Dude, you remember that show you’re on?  . . . That was, uh, awesome.  My favorite show or whatever.”)  The paparazzo eventually asks Hall, “Do you think Dexter would get Casey Anthony?”  To his credit, Hall handled it very well.  I don’t think I could stay so polite when there’s a paparazzo so close to moving traffic.  Too tempting.  I’d totally break Harry’s Code. 



[Videos via Buzzfeed and TheDailyWhat]