Diane Keaton Singing To Her Dog Is The Content You Need Right Now

As the world slowly crumbles, it can be hard to find inspiration or any ounce of joy. Sure, we can forget our sorrows while binging some mediocre television, but it’s rare that something actually makes you feel good. Enter: Diane Keaton and her dog, Reggie.

Keaton frequently posts videos of her pup, but her latest video is enough to warrant its own television show spinoff, or even a new reality show about singing to your pets (it would be a hit on Hulu.) Who needs The Masked Singer when Reggie exists?! Aptly captioned, “DON’T FORGET TO SING TO YOUR DOGS!” the video features the Academy Award-winning actress singing to her golden retriever, who has never done anything bad in her life.

Not only that, but Reggie is actually the star of Keaton’s Instagram. Sandwiched between bizarre videos of the actress’ very specific memes and posts about her love of hats are photos and videos of Reggie being the Best Dog Ever. This post is NOT sponsored by Reggie the dog.

Keaton brought home Reggie in October 2020, and made a whole video introducing her (with captions and everything!). “THIS IS MY NEW DOG, REGGIE!!! IS SHE HALF HORSE OR HALF DOG? MAYBE SHE’S INSANE! I LOVE HER!”

She is a legend! Netflix needs to make its own show starring Reggie and Keaton. It would solve all of their problems.

She even eats designer shoes, which means she must be an anti-fast fashion icon!