It’s Not Just You, Everyone Else Is Shocked That ‘Is It Cake?’ Is Netflix’s Latest Massive Hit

Despite going up against an enormous number of new/popular original series/movies (your Ozarks, your Bad Vegans, your Adam Projects), Netflix‘s latest reality series Is It Cake? has already smashed into the number one spot in the platform’s Most Viewed category. Hosted by Saturday Night Live castmember Mikey Day, the baking show based on the viral meme tasks contestants with making intensely realistic objects out of, you guessed it, cake. Apparently, viewers can’t get enough of it.

Via The Independent:

The reality series, in which contestants bake cakes disguised as everyday objects, was inspired by a popular internet meme from last year. Is It Cake? is hosted by Mikey Day, and currently ranks as the most watched programme on Netflix’s daily rankings in the US. In the UK, the series sits in second place at time of writing (23 March).

After learning that a show based on a meme is dominating Netflix, the reactions started pouring in on social media, where people — lots of them — couldn’t get over the show’s ridiculous premise being a hit. Although, they’re not exactly pretending not to be here for it either.

“Watching Mikey Day wield a knife like a maniac is the exact nonsense I wanted and expected from this show – 10/10,” tweeted a new fan of the show.

“There’s a show on Netflix called “is it cake?” and it’s literally just people guessing if things are cake or not,” tweeted another viewer. “This is the perfect show for where I am two years into the pandemic.”

You can see more reactions to Is It Cake? below:

Is It Cake? is currently streaming on Netflix. The show itself is not cake. Probably.

(Via The Independent)