Did Patton Oswalt Go Too Far With His Deleted Tweet Experiment? (No.)

Earlier today, I praised famous people who are very good at Twitter, and condemned those who aren’t. Right on cue, here comes Patton Oswalt (he’s in the good category) with a deleted tweet experiment that half his 1.7 million followers love, and other half hate and/or are confused by. You’ll see why in a second.

It began with:

The joke being, there was no joke. There was nothing to be offended by, and anyone who was is reacting to intentionally misguided implications, and not the message of the tweet. I apologize for having to explain the bit, but clearly, a lot of people didn’t get what Patton was doing.

Unfollow everyone but Brian Williams. Twitter is much less exhausting that way.

Via @pattonoswalt