DiGiorno Launched A “Design A Pizza” Web App And It Didn’t Take Long For Internet Pranksters To Ruin it

You may have seen DiGiorno’s recent ad blitz for their “Design A Pizza” kit (“Go ahead. Play with your food.”), which is essentially a cheese pizza that comes with individually packaged toppings that you can move around (Ohhhh, it’s so DIY!). To promote the kits, the pizza non-deliverers created an online tool that allows visitors to “practice” their craft with unlimited toppings.

It did not take long for the internet to abuse this privilege.

The shenanigan artists at image-based bulletin board 4chan beat everyone to the punch, quickly making a juvenile mockery of the whole endeavor. The community’s most notorious board (“/b/”) did exactly what you’d expect anonymous pranksters on the internet to do: draw genitals, make Hitler and 9/11 jokes, and recreate years-old internet memes including Goatse and Dickbutt.

How many swastikas have to be drawn before companies learn not to put their products or brands in the hands of the internet? We may never know.

For the full collection, head over to this IMGUR gallery.

4chan + IMGUR; H/T The Daily Dot