Dine And Dash On A $16 Buffalo Wild Wings Tab In Detroit Results In High Speed Chase

03.08.13 10 Comments

I can’t think of a better story to end the week on.

Reports the Detroit Free Press:

Ferndale Police arrested a 35-year-old Detroit man they say led officers on a high-speed chase over a $16 dine-and-dash restaurant bill.

A worker from Buffalo Wild Wings in Ferndale called police Tuesday to report the crime along with a description of the man and his car, according to a report released today. Police spotted the car at 8 Mile and Livernois and pulled it over at Pembroke.

They talked to Marlon Cortez Stanfield, giving him the opportunity to go back to the restaurant and pay the bill. Instead, according to police, Stanfield yelled an obscenity at them and sped off.

Serious question: with the exception of Ryan Gosling in Drive, has anyone ever gotten away from the police in a high speed chase? I have never understood why people just don’t resign to their fate, like this guy…

Anyway, have a great weekend, kids!

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