Disney’s New Star Wars URLs Hint At Expanded Universe And Gungans



Hey, remember all those jokes about Disney bringing Jar Jar Binks back because he’s “cute”? They suddenly got a whole lot less funny. Over at JoBlo, they did some digging into recently registered domains and came up with both good news and bad news.

The good news is that apparently Disney is looking into the Expanded Universe and taking that very, very seriously. Among the domains were Order67.net, which refers to the Sith and Jedi entering into diplomatic relations, and references to the Wolf Pack, a group of Clone-Wars era Stormtroopers. There were also domains for “Star Wars Alliance”, “Star Wars Rebels”, and “Wookie Hunters”.

That last had better be Big Buck Hunter with Wookies behind the bowcaster. We’re just saying. Unfortunately, there were also three domains for something called “Gungan Frontier,” which is, well, bad news.

We get it: Gungans are designed to appeal to little kids, and you can probably retcon the horrible racism out of them. But even so, we hope Disney realizes that this is a bit like Warner Brothers unveiling their next $100 million live-action feature Scrappy Doo.