Know What Sucks About Diving With Whales? Being Sucked Into A Whale Poop Whirlpool

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Whales are majestic creatures. Even when they give chase or try to eat our water-based means of travel, we still think they’re pretty awesome. Then again, most of us haven’t had the opportunity to swim with a sperm whale that defensively engulfs everything around it in whirlpool of its own sh*t.

After [it] released clouds of brown liquid, the mammal flipped onto its side and flapped its tail to whip up the excrement and send it hurtling towards the group.

Keri Wilk, a 30-year-old photographer from Canada, described swimming in the waves of excrement as like being in a pool of ‘chocolate milk’.

Wilk said the three other divers had chosen not to use scuba equipment as it can disturb the creatures.

Unfortunately for them, this meant when the ‘poo-narmi’ was released he was just wearing a snorkel and googles so bits of faecal matter got into his eyes, mouth and wetsuit. He was ‘soaked from head to toe’. (Via Metro)

Thanks a lot, Moby Dick. Not only are whales no longer cool, but chocolate milk is off the menu for the foreseeable future. Adding insult to injury is my newfound skepticism regarding the cleanliness of Free Willy‘s most iconic scene.

(Via Metro)