DJ Paris Hilton Made Thousands While Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge In A Bikini

Paris Hilton, who became a household by looking dispassionate while slightly moving, is now a DJ who earns the type of money that deserves a NFSW warning. And I quote, “She’s making $2.7 million from the four nights – $347,000 an hour.” If you WOMP WOMP WOMP it, they will come, and they are coming to Ibiza, an island that’s going to need a real-good scrubbing soon.

It was there, at a Foam & Diamonds party, that Hilton accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge while DJ’ing in a pink bikini, as one does. For the single minute that it took for someone to grab the Moët Chapmae bucket (of course) and pour it over Hilton’s head, she earned a little over $5,000, or enough money to purchase every copy of The Hottie and the Nottie on Amazon and BURN them all. You might even have enough scratch left over for one of those stupid glowsticks in the background.