DJ Wally Sparks – Quick Mix Jams No. 2

11.11.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

Most Mondays should be quiet. Really quiet with minimal distractions just so a person can get their head on straight and be ready to deal with whatever the week throws their way. Rarely does it ever work out that way, but if anything will help smooth things out it would be Wally Sparks newest Quick Mix Jams. They’re short and sweet, so if played repeatedly they become calming influences.

No limits on genre, release dates, etc. here and just like the first installment, Wally recorded No. 2 “in one take with no edits. Any mistakes I made were left in to add a little bit of “flavor” lol.” Push play, let it roll and be at ease.

DownloadDJ Wally Sparks – Quick Mix Jams No. 2

Quick Mix Jams No. 2 by Djwallysparks on Mixcloud

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