The Internet Pronounced ‘Django Unchained’ Actor Dead, He Rose To Pronounce Himself Awesome

Pictured: Ato Essandoh investigating his own death.

Disclaimer: This all went down two weeks ago but I was busy canoodling with supermodels in between classified missions so it’s new and great to me.

There’s nothing like a good internet death hoax, amirite? Of course I am. The internet will believe anything. The trick is picking the target and the backstory. And thanks to the horrific Django Unchained death by dogs scene, one clever individual on Tumblr saw his opportunity to proclaim hard-working actor Ato Essandoh — best known for Copper, “Smiling African Drummer”, and various other appearances in film and television — dead.

This nifty TIL viral graphic did the trick:

But little did the hoaxer know that Ato Essandoh is in fact awesome, and upon being notified of his own death he starting answering fan questions from beyond the grave via Twitter:

Dude is simply a delight. And my new favorite actor. As far as I’m concerned he made up the death hoax himself. That’s just creative and opportunistic PR.

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