Doctor Sonic Has A New Take On Your Favorite Marvel Characters

Many, many image blogs are fun, but goofy, whether they’re bad superhero cakes or the Avengers being unable to text.
Doctor Sonic, on the other hand, is quite literally art.
Everything the good Doctor makes is done with paper. Which would be amazing in of itself, as that converts two-dimensional, four-color art using various tricks of perspective to seem three-dimensional into an actual three-dimensional work. But furthermore, they’re faithful to the source material while also being their own work by nature of the medium.
Another neat trick is the use of reflective paper in some images, so when the camera flash goes off, it adds another layer of dimension. Sure, seeing Marvel characters rendered this way is neat, but artistically speaking, this is a clever intersection of photography and sculpture that belongs just as much on a gallery as a blog.
In other words, Doctor Sonic isn’t just making tributes to our favorite Marvel characters. This stuff is art, in every sense of the word. Oh, and also really cool. See for yourself…