Does Mila Kunis Have To Choke A Comrade?

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If you thought Bradley Cooper speaking French was absurdly sexy, this next video might kill you (with sexy).  Mila Kunis, born “Мілена Куніс,” moved to California from the Ukraine at age 7.  During a press conference about Friends with Benefits at The Ritz-Carlton Moscow, reporter Daria Glazunov asked Justin Timberlake a question Kunis didn’t find appropriate, about why he was acting when he was already successful in music.  Since the translation in Timberlake’s earpiece was very delayed, Kunis answered the question for him.  In fluent Russian.  Angrily.  To laughs and applause from the crowd when she says, “Well, if he wants to make movies, and he can, why shouldn’t he? What sort of question is that? Why are you here?”

Girls, girls, please.  No need to yell in sexy Russian.  You can settle this with a pillow fight (while yelling in sexy Russian).

The video is below along with a translation courtesy of Atae Hone at TheDailyWhat.  Although it’s more fun to not know what she’s saying and imagine she’s talking about the pillow fight they’re totally going to have later.

Reporter: “I have two questions – about the movie and the sex–”
Mila: “What?”
Reporter: “About the movie and the sex.”
Mila: “Oh, I thought I misheard you about the sex.”
Justin: [translation in his earpiece is delayed] “I don’t like this!”
Reporter (speaking to Justin): “What brought you into movies? WHY ARE YOU IN MOVIES?”
Mila: “What?!”
Reporter: “Why movies?”
Mila: “Why movies?”
Reporter: “Well, many showbiz [meaning music] persons move to movies, and sometimes it’s for the better, but why is Justin in movies?”
Mila: “Wait, you’re asking why he wants to be in movies?”
Reporter: “Yes.”
Mila: “What would you rather have him do?”
CROWD: laughs, applause
Reporter: [indiscernible under the applause]
Mila: “Huh?”
Reporter: “I mean, isn’t showbiz enough?”
Mila (exasperated): “Well, if he WANTS to make movies, and he can, why shouldn’t he? What sort of question is that? Why are YOU here?”
CROWD: laughs, more applause
Reporter: “Well, I’m doing my job.”
Mila: “Well, he’s doing his. It’s the same thing!”
(turns to Justin, asks in English if he needs the exchange translated, he replies that he’s getting it in the earpiece, but delayed)
Justin: “This is my bodyguard!”

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