Dollar Shave Club Has Met Its Nemesis, And Its Name Is The Dollar Beard Club

Bearded faces are all the rage these days. Whether it’s light scruff, or full-on Galifianakis, the style seems to only be growing (no pun intended) in popularity. While beard grooming products have been around forever, there really hasn’t been an affordable online home for the fur-faced consumer. This need, however, has apparently been met with the creation of the Dollar Beard Club.

Pretty much following a similar template to that of Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club offers a variety of grooming products for bearded bros. Selling items such as oils, waxes, and brushes, the site looks to have every facet of facial hair pampering covered. Just like the name suggests, some items can be purchased for as low as $1/month. There are also whole grooming kits available for a higher price, just in case a hairy dude wants to have some sort of weird spa day.

Consumer sites like these are a godsend for lazy men. If Taco Bell ever gets its delivery service in order, there may be virtually no reason to ever leave the man cave.

(Via YouTube)