Domino’s Might Use Drones To Deliver Your Pizza In The Near Future

Are drones the future of pizza delivery? Even though there’s a good chance this particular case could be a publicity stunt, yeah, probably! I can just see it now…everyone currently reading this will one day talk to someone much younger and the following words will come out of their mouth: “Back in my day, pizzas were delivered by actual human beings!” And the kids we tell this to will be BLOWN AWAY! Mark my words.

On related note, porn movies where a pizza delivery guy gets banged by his comely customers will be a thing of the past, I suppose, and that just makes me sad. ANYWAY, meet the “Domino’s DomiCopter”!

Reports Pocket Lint:

Domino’s Pizza is planning to use a remote-controlled helicopter – the DomiCopter – to deliver food. Resembling a Call of Duty-style UAV, but with pizzas instead of machine guns, the DomiCopter is set to take the pizza delivery world by storm.

The Domino’s Heatwave bags attached to the bottom of the DomiCopter should also help keep any pizzas warm. Domino’s says it might launch a flight academy for the ‘copters should the delivery service take off.

Meanwhile, at Taco Bell...

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