The Feud Between Donald Trump And Fox News Has Reached A New And Even More Stupid Level

Donald Trump is continuing to melt down over Fox News seemingly getting behind Ron DeSantis even though the Florida governor has yet to declare he’s running for president in 2024. Depending on which polls you read, DeSantis could be a serious threat to Trump securing the Republican nomination, and the former president is predictably throwing temper tantrums on Truth Social. Trump also rolled out yet another new nickname for DeSantis, but your guess is as good as ours as to what the heck it even means.

“Fox News is promoting Ron DeSanctus so hard and so much that there’s not much time left for Real News,” Trump ranted before yelling at the conservative network some more. Via Mediaite:

Reminds me of 2016 when they were pushing “JEB!” The new Fox Poll, which have always been purposely terrible for me, has “TRUMP Crushing DeSanctimonious,” but they barely show it. Instead they go with losers like Karl Rove, Paul Ryan and now, even “Yesper,” who have been wrong about everything! Isn’t there a big, beautiful, Network which wants to do well, and make a fortune besides? FAKE NEWS!

Of course, it probably doesn’t help that some of Trump’s once-steadfast supporters at Fox News have turned him on. After Trump started calling DeSantis “Meatball Ron,” Mark Levin chastised the former president for the cheap insult. Although, he gave Trump some wiggle room by suggesting that maybe serial nickname maker Donald Trump didn’t come up with another nickname?

“I happen to like Meatballs,” Levin tweeted. “But this will turn off a lot of conservative voters. Not a wise move if true. I hope it’s not.”

It was.

(Via Mediaite)