Trump Reportedly Endorsed J.D. Vance After Tucker Carlson Told Him About A Rival’s ‘Disgusting’ And ‘Gross’ Sex Life

Donald Trump endorsed J.D. Vance in the Republican Senate primary in Ohio, even after the poverty porn author called him “America’s Hitler.” Somehow, this story gets even weirder. In the days before the endorsement, the former-president and his son, Donald Trump Jr., spoke on the phone with Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host told them that they can’t trust David McIntosh, who Rolling Stone describes as “the president of the conservative Club for Growth and a top backer of Vance’s rival Josh Mandel.”

Why’s that? I’m sorry in advance:

The reason, Carlson asserted, is that McIntosh has an embarrassing and “chronic” personal sexual habit.

Rolling Stone cannot confirm the claim and will not repeat it. But during that phone call, the twice-impeached former president spent a notable amount of time gossiping and laughing about the prominent Republican’s penis and how “f*cking disgusting” and “f*cking gross” he allegedly was.

Trump also has a deep fascination with Mandel’s sex life. “The [former] president has used the term ‘f*cking weird’ to describe Josh Mandel more than once, when I have spoken to him about [Mandel],” a source recently told the Daily Beast. “He has talked about [Mandel] and sex in the same sentence more times than I would have liked to hear.” An obsession with someone’s “gross” and “disgusting” and “weird” sex life? Takes one to know one, I suppose.

You can read the rest of the Rolling Stone report here.

(Via Rolling Stone)