Trump’s Absurdly Terrible NFTs Appear To Be Bad Photoshop Jobs Using Random Images From The Internet

It’s been nearly 24 hours since Donald Trump made the “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” that he’s got a new grift — NFTs — and clearly has no idea what they are or what he’s even talking about. But the rest of the world can’t stop talking (or laughing) about them, which is just fine with us. Because of the many comical things about this whole endeavor, the funniest part might be that the former president claims the Trump Digital Trading cards “feature some of the really incredible artwork pertaining to my life and my career,” before adding that “it’s been very exciting.”

Except, as many people have already pointed out on social media, no one remembers when Trump went all High Noon like Gary Cooper… or when he was an astronaut:


Same goes for Top Gun: Trump, Trump the pro football player, or Donald Trump, race car driver:

But here’s the worst part: According to Gizmodo, Team Trump didn’t even bother to hire an actual artist to create images of the former president achieving all sorts of things he never achieved. As Kyle Barr writes:

The images were so lazy that based on reverse image searches they were edited photos scraped off the internet. It’s unclear if they were edited by hand or perhaps crafted using AI image generation, though the one image of Trump in hunter garb bears a very distinct resemblance to waders crafted by Banded, a hunting apparel company.

Trump’s cowboy outfit appears to match a leather duster made by Scully Sportswear, a California-based costume and western garb shop.

As for the astronaut photo? Amazingly, even that image was not real:

On the bright side, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re not going to jail for trying to help stage a coup for a guy hawking crappy, photoshopped NFTs, so there’s that.

(Via Gizmodo)